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Supporting quality music education, performances and instruments

Supporting quality music education, performances and instruments

Supporting quality music education, performances and instrumentsSupporting quality music education, performances and instruments

Donate for the Love of Music


Your contribution will help support music education, instruments and performances for students on the central Oregon coast.

All contributions go directly to school music programs


Add new instruments to our music library. Cost $30,811

Our music library loans instruments to students at Taft and Taft Elementary. In 2020, we are adding  52 new instruments including 6  flutes, 10 clarinets and 8 trumpets; 4 trombones; 10 alto saxophones, 8 tenor saxophones and 6 Yamaha drum kits.

Refurbish instruments in our music library. Cost $3,500 - $4,000

Each student signs a commitment to care for the instrument checked out from the music library. Every year, the program extends the life of selected used instruments by cleaning and repairing broken parts. Instruments beyond repair are converted to "garden art."

Add New instruments to our Kindergarten - grade 2 program. Cost $2,060 - $3,200

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 recently added rain forest drums with mallets and rhythm sticks to the variety of instruments they now learn which include xylophones, recorders and ukuleles.  Students learn basic rhythm, tempo and note count. Cost covers a classroom set.

Local and Visiting Expert Musicians. Cost $26,000

Our music teachers recruit  local experts and visiting musicians to work with students in sectionals to develop technique in voice, brass, percussion, flutes and woodwinds. Young musicians flourish with the individual attention. Costs cover stipends for 5 musicians for 10 months.

Scholarship for music student and future teacher. Cost $2,500

The future of music in our schools depends on the quality of teachers who will work with our students from kindergarten through senior year. The MII Scholarship will go to a graduating senior who has been accepted into a music program and intends to teach music in the  future. Cost includes 1-2 scholarships.

All contributions go directly to our growing number of students in music

In 2020, 1,200 students in Lincoln City Schools will learn music, play an instrument and perform in concerts for families and community members. This includes 400 students in K-2 at Oceanlake, 403 students in grades 3-5 at Taft Elementary, 158 students in 6th grade and 164 students in choir and bands at Taft 7 -12. We recently added Waldport students to our MII programs. Our volunteer MII Board directors work with teachers and principals to guide programs.

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